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Workplace Harassment Attorneys in Pasadena, California

No one should have to deal with harassing workplace conduct motivated by race, gender, religious beliefs, or other protected characteristics. If you are experiencing unwelcome conduct from a co-worker or supervisor based on one or more of the protected categories discussed below, you might have grounds for a claim.

Reach out to a Pasadena workplace harassment lawyer from Domb & Rauchwerger to determine if taking legal action is the right choice for you. This is particularly essential if you have experienced repeated harassment or were fired due to harassment. If we agree to take on your case, we will guide you through the process with compassion and patience. 

Book a free consultation with an attorney to discuss your potential workplace harassment case by contacting us via our free case evaluation form or calling (213) 772-5882. 

What Qualifies as Workplace Harassment in California?

Harassment involves unwelcome conduct motivated by a protected category and significant enough that it creates a hostile environment or impacts the conditions of your employment. 

To be considered unlawful, the following factors must exist: 

  • You were subjected to harassing conduct that was motivated by a protected category
  • The harassing conduct is severe or pervasive
  • A reasonable person in your position would have considered the conduct to be offensive or intimidating 
  • You considered the conduct to be offensive or intimidating 
  • The harassing conduct was either engaged in by a supervisor, or a supervisor or manager knew (or should have known) about the harassing conduct but failed to take any action to ensure that the harassing conduct stopped 
  • You suffered harm as a result of the harassing conduct

Determining whether you’ve experienced harassment can be difficult, as some forms of rude behavior might not qualify for a legal claim. Our harassment lawyers are here to break down the factors that make up a valid unlawful harassment claim.

Protected Categories

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Domb & Rauchwerger What Qualifies as Harassment?

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Conduct That Could Be Considered Harassment

Numerous types of behavior could be considered harassing, including: 

  • Verbal harassment: rude comments, threats, slurs, obscene language
  • Physical harassment: touching, assault
  • Visual harassment: offensive objects, pictures, posters, emails 

The conduct must relate to a protected category. While the individual engaging in harassment may not be ill-motivated, their actions must still be tied to a protected category. For example, a supervisor might make a joke that involves poking fun at someone’s religion. The supervisor may not intend to offend or cause harm to the recipient of the joke. Still, the fact that the joke is motivated by the person’s religion is potentially enough to create illegal harassment.

The Conduct Must Be “Severe Or Pervasive”

To be considered unlawful, the harassing conduct must be severe or pervasive. It can be viewed as a sliding scale in that the more severe the conduct, the less pervasive it has to be, and vice versa.

A single action that is severe, like a supervisor physically attacking someone because of their race on a single occasion, could be enough to constitute unlawful harassment. However, a single comment about someone’s race that was intended to be a joke would likely not be sufficient to be considered illegal harassment.

If the supervisor makes a joke about someone’s race every day for a month, the conduct likely is pervasive enough to create illegal harassment.

The Source of the Harassing Conduct 

A company is automatically liable if one of its managers or supervisors engages in unlawful harassment. On the other hand, if a co-worker or third party engages in harassing conduct, the company is not liable unless they know of or should have known of the conduct.

This means that if a co-worker unlawfully harasses you because you belong to a protected category, and managers do not observe the conduct and you do not report it, then it’s likely the company will not be liable.

It is critical to immediately report any unlawful harassment by a co-worker or third party you interact with (like a customer or vendor) to a supervisor, manager, and the human resources department. Make sure you put your complaint in writing and save a copy of it.

When Should You Act in a Potential Workplace Harassment Case?

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How Our Pasadena Workplace Harassment Lawyers Can Help

Experiencing unlawful harassment in the workplace can be demoralizing and may lead to financial losses, psychological turmoil, and other challenges. Dealing with the impacts of illegal harassment can be overwhelming enough to make taking legal action seem impossible. Fortunately, our legal team can take all the steps required to help you seek financial remedies. 

Here’s what we can do to make your case successful:

  • Gather and analyze evidence, like emails, written documents, and witness testimony of the illegal harassment you experienced
  • Establish that the individual(s) who harassed you were aware of your protected category
  • Establish that the harassment you endured was motivated by your protected category
  • Prove that your employer either engaged in the harassing conduct (through either a manager or supervisor) or that your employer was aware that the harassing conduct occurred and failed to take corrective action
  • Demonstrate that the harassment you experienced was severe or pervasive enough to constitute a hostile workplace environment
  • Demand compensation for the economic and non-economic losses you’ve suffered

Many aspects of a harassment case require much time and legal experience. Working with one of our attorneys can help you take successful legal action and drastically improve your chances of receiving compensation.

What Makes Us Different

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Damages You Could Secure with Our Help

Our attorneys have years of experience in the field of employment law. We are familiar with all the damages available to victims of workplace harassment. No matter how severely harassment has impacted your life, emotional well-being, and financial status, our team can calculate what you may be owed and fight for rightful compensation. 

If we win your case, you could receive any of the following damages:

  • Current and/or future lost wages
  • Medical expenses if you experienced physical harassment that caused an injury
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Punitive damages designed to punish extreme wrongdoing under certain circumstances

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