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Pasadena Employment Lawyers


Did You Have An Incident At Work? Tell Us About It

Domb & Rauchwerger is dedicated to answering any California employment law question you may have. Whether you were wrongfully terminated, sexually harassed, or passed over for promotion, Domb & Rauchwerger can help. We offer a complimentary consultation to evaluate your case and provide an honest assessment of its strength. Call or complete this online form today.

  • Employment Law

    • What sets your firm apart from other employment law firms?
      We were partners at one of the largest employment defense firms in the country, where we represented fortune 500 companies. This prior experience gives us a unique perspective and understanding of how companies think and operate. We know the pressure points to hit and are respected by employers' counsel because of our background, resulting in larger awards for our clients. Unlike other law firms that divide their cases amongst different attorneys, you will have Mr. Domb and Mr. Rauchwerger, two former defense partners, working on your case. Finally, we understand that when an employee contacts us, they are going through an undoubtedly difficult time. We pride ourselves on providing emotional support to our clients by listening to their concerns and experiences.
    • What types of cases does Domb & Rauchwerger handle?
      We handle all types of employment-related matters on behalf of employees only, including cases related to wrongful terminations, sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, as well as wage and hour violations, including failure to pay wages, meal and rest break violations, and employee misclassification.
    • How do you charge for your services?
      We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if we obtain an award on your behalf, either through a settlement or judgment from a court or arbitrator. We do not charge any upfront fees.
    • Do I have to pay for the initial consultation?
      No. The initial consultation is free of charge.
    • How long will it take to resolve my case?
      The timeline for resolving an employment law case will vary depending on the specifics of your situation. If your case goes all the way to trial or arbitration, it will take, on average, from one to two years. However, most cases resolve prior to going to trial. We will work diligently to move your legal action forward quickly and efficiently.
    • What damages can I recover in an employment law case?
      Depending on the specifics of your case, you may be able to recover damages for lost wages (the wages you would have continued to earn had you not been terminated), emotional distress damages, punitive damages to punish the employer, and more.
    • What is the likelihood of winning my claim?
      The likelihood of winning your case depends on the facts and evidence. We will evaluate your claim and provide an honest assessment of its strengths and weaknesses to determine whether it makes sense to move forward.
    • Will I have to go to court?
      Not necessarily. Most employment law cases are settled outside of court through negotiation and mediation. However, we are prepared to take your case to trial if necessary.
    • What should I do if I think I've been wrongfully terminated?
      We recommend contacting Domb & Rauchwerger as soon as possible. We can advise you on your rights and options for seeking justice in your employment matter.
    • Do I have a case if I quit my job because I was discriminated against, harassed, or retaliated against at work?
      Maybe. If you are thinking of quitting your job because of unlawful actions by your employer, contact Domb & Rauchwerger first so they can advise you on what actions you can take to protect your rights. They can also advise you on whether you have a potential case based on your employer's actions.
    • What actions should I take if I am being harassed or discriminated against at work?
      You should report the harassment or discrimination to your employer and seek legal counsel. Make sure that your complaints are in writing to your employer. An employment law attorney can help you take steps to protect your rights and hold your employer accountable.
    • Can I sue my employer for discrimination based on my race or gender?
      Yes. If you have been discriminated against based on your race, gender, or any other protected class, you may have a legal claim against your employer.
    • Can I file a lawsuit against my employer for retaliation if I report illegal activity or wrongdoing?
      Yes. Under California law, it is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for reporting illegal activity or wrongdoing.
    • Can I file a lawsuit even if I am undocumented?
      Yes. Even an undocumented worker generally has the same legal employment protections as a documented worker, meaning that your employer cannot wrongfully terminate you or force you to suffer wage and hour violations.